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The Benefit Of Soho’s Construction Near West Broadway

soho construction

Spring brings flowers in bloom, more sunshine and lots of construction to New York City. Soho is among areas across the five boroughs that has a host of construction projects, lane closures and extra traffic. Many people look at construction as a negative experience, since sales are often impacted by heavy traffic, machinery and excessive noise. In spite of the inconveniences involved with construction projects, there can be some benefits with a little creativity and an open mind.  

  1. Finding new retail shops and real estate - You may be used to navigating Soho from the same direction. It’s great to have a path to get where you’re going, but there are some benefits to walking a different way. A detour may help you find a new condo development, a new restaurant or renovated property that you didn’t notice before.

  2. Quieter streets at night - Construction sites do cause extra navigation for those who work or live in Soho, but at night the construction crews go home. Some tourists and visitors don;t want to walk in a darker area at night or walk about a zone that isn’t used in the daytime. This can give the residents more quiet time and give real estate agents an edge at showing properties in surrounding areas.

  3. New Real Estate Sales Prospects - Even in spite of all the negative attention, there’s still a chance to win over a new business client or sell your condo or apartment. Construction zones often force people to walk down a new block or detour from a guided map. When those people walk down the street there is a possibility that your property or development may bring curiosity and draw them in.

The next time you walk through a construction zone in Soho look beyond the hard hats and orange cones and see the possibilities that lie ahead.

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